Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh my heck!

Today I dropped $15 on one of my favorite card making publications, Card Creations.  This one is put out by Paper Crafts magazine a few times a year and I got volume 7 today.  I open the front cover and to my complete surprise was the Xyron ad featuring my cards and card box.  They didn't even tell me it would be in one of my all time favorite publications!  YAY!

I'm hoping all my readers had a very safe and happy Fourth.  I had to help my cheerleaders with their fireworks stand and got sunburned at a baseball game yesterday.  Saw an old friend both Friday night and Saturday night so I had a pretty great holiday weekend. 

Both my girls will be in Boston all week so I will try to get those pics posted of the few projects I have finished.  They are super cute.  

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  1. Tami,
    I need your help girl! It's your favorite IRW CookieMonster. :)

    I am about to throw my new Vista computer and my WB OUT THE FREAKING WINDOW! I have been installing the software for FIVE hours. Seriously, I am almost a lunatic at this point. Hate freaking Vista. I know you love it. Help me feel the love!