Friday, July 17, 2009

Sneak Peek: Xyron CREATOPIA Yay!!!!

I am so excited to finally get to talk about the new Creatopia, Xyron's newest product to be in stores in the next couple months.  (Click on each image for a larger view)

Xyron Press Release:

Scottsdale, AZ – July 18, 2009 – Xyron® Revolutionizes the Craft Industry, Again, with Creatopia™ Announcing the Xyron Creatopia; this creative machine will apply adhesive and laminate to items up to 12 inches wide and .5 inches thick. It will also allow you to emboss and cut paper and other thin materials. The Xyron Creatopia will change the way you think about craft projects. Modular components allow this machine to expand on Xyron's core adhesive tools by adding embossing and manual cutting in one machine. Embossing will be in the form of 12 inch wide pattern rollers and 3 inch wide patterns for borders. Creatopia will cut strips of paper and finish edges using a variety of interchangeable blade cartridges, Xyron will also introduce the first 6.5 inch wide universal die press for use with the industry's leading brands of dies. Creatopia will also be the first in the Xyron line to have a Fabric Adhesive cartridge.  

Creatopia Refillz™ Creatopia will offer three adhesive cartridges and one laminate cartridge at launch. The standard Permanent Adhesive and Repositionable Adhesive will be joined by a Fabric Adhesive. The Fabric Adhesive adheres textiles to the surfaces of your projects with optimal adhesion. The end user can use the Fabric adhesive to hold appliqués and batting/backing in place instead of pinning items; it will remain repositionable on fabric and is washable. Creatopia allows the end user to apply these adhesives to items up to 12 inches wide and 40 feet long with a thickness up to .5 inches. The Two-Sided Laminate cartridge will allow the end user to apply laminate to items up to 12 inches wide and 40 feet long. 

Creatopia Patternz™

Creatopia introduces the industry's first 12 inch wide embossing roller. These rollers will apply a uniform pattern into paper and thin materials up to 12 inches wide with an unlimited length. There will also be 3 inch wide border patterns to emboss only the edge or strip of thin materials.

Creatopia Cutz™

Creatopia allows the end user to cut in a variety of ways with a rotary cutting component. This component has interchangeable blade cartridges with a variety of styles including: straight, perforated, scoring, pinking, scalloped, deckle and postage stamp. These cartridges can be placed anywhere along the 12 inch cutting surface to cut rectangles, squares and strips from paper up to 12 inches wide with an unlimited length. Up to 6 blades can be used at one time to increase the end user's productivity.

Creatopia Shapez™

Creatopia's 6 inch wide universal die press will allow end users to cut and emboss using dies and embossing folders from Cuttlebug, CuttleKids, Quickutz, Sizzix, Ellison, AccuCut, Spellbinders, BossKut and Fiskars. 

Pricing and Availability Xyron Creatopia will be available for purchase in September 2009 from local craft stores, mass craft chain stores and online retailers.  
The Main Unit with Permanent Refillz Cartridge MSRP is $149.99. 
Additional Adhesive and Laminate Refillz MSRP are $39.99.  
Border Patternz Starter Kit with Floral Pattern MSRP is $24.99 Additional Border Patternz MSRP are $8.99 12 inch Patternz MSRP are $24.99 
Cutz Starter Kit with Straight Blade and Guide Wheel MSRP is $44.99
Additional 2 Packs of Cutz blades MSRP are $14.99
Xyron Shapez MSRP is $69.99 

Learn More About Creatopia For additional information on Xyron Creatopia, contact Chris Potter, or visit Xyron and Creatopia are registered trademarks of Xyron, Inc. Xyron is a subsidiary of Esselte ( About Xyron Founded in 1996 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Xyron is a world-class provider of transformation tools for both creative home users and creative professionals. For the creative home user, Xyron develops products in the craft, hobby and stationery departments of specialty and mass retailers worldwide. These products include award-winning adhesive tools, all-inclusive scrapbooking collections, unique handheld dispensers, and patented cold-lamination products that require no heat, batteries or electricity.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh my heck!

Today I dropped $15 on one of my favorite card making publications, Card Creations.  This one is put out by Paper Crafts magazine a few times a year and I got volume 7 today.  I open the front cover and to my complete surprise was the Xyron ad featuring my cards and card box.  They didn't even tell me it would be in one of my all time favorite publications!  YAY!

I'm hoping all my readers had a very safe and happy Fourth.  I had to help my cheerleaders with their fireworks stand and got sunburned at a baseball game yesterday.  Saw an old friend both Friday night and Saturday night so I had a pretty great holiday weekend. 

Both my girls will be in Boston all week so I will try to get those pics posted of the few projects I have finished.  They are super cute.  

Friday, July 3, 2009

We go the extra mile...

I had a Tee-riffic day in technical support today.  We had a customer that had a cutting problem and she had been emailing us rather than calling in.  She stated that she preferred email.  When it was evident that her problem was beyond fixing via email, I suggested that she call into support so we could log into her computer and have a look. When she finally called in, you can imagine our surprise we when found out that she was hearing impaired.  Operator assisted calls, though necessary, are very difficult to work with in a technical support situation.  Just when we were about to give up hope on finding a way to fix it, I got the idea to use an instant messenger to talk to her.  Low and behold she uses Yahoo Messenger and I was able to "talk" to her.  Within an hour I had her Wishblade software fixed and she was up and ready to create.  It felt so great to help her in the unique situation we were faced with.  I LOVE MY JOB!

I have been getting a lot of positive comments in person about my permanent tribute to my mom.  I never would have guessed that something that hurt so bad would feel so great.

Sorry, Dad, I know how you feel about tattoos but I think you and the boys all need a teal ribbon tribute tattoo.  It reminds me every day how wonderful she was.  For those of you that don't know, the teal cancer awareness ribbon represents ovarian cancer of which I lost my mom to in 2001.  I would really like to add a quote on the bottom saying something like "Fight like a Girl" but it would make it look tacky and it really looks good like it is.  I need to go back in once more to get the teal brightened up a little more.  

My other tattoo is the one I have in honor of my two amazing princesses, Miranda and Morgan.  I wanted something unique and that would make people wonder what it stood for.

It's on the back of my neck and no one ever sees it anyway since I have such long hair.  Artistic people such as myself tend to express themselves with art and both these say so much about the person I am.