Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kansas Homemade Christmas

There is this Christmas song that I love by Kenny Rogers called "Kentucky Homemade Christmas". It always makes me think of my mom. My mother was the biggest Kenny Rogers fan and her Christmas music consisted of a lot of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. I find myself listening to that same music at Christmas today. Of course, I had to find the music on CD's because mom's old cassette tapes weren't up to my modern technology. Google the song and listen to it. It has a snappy tune but pay close attention to the lyrics. I have always enjoyed it but it means so much more to me this year than it has in the past. With so many people losing their jobs and the country falling deeper into a recession, the message strikes all too close to home.

I miss you, mom. I owe my creative side all to you!

In the spirit of Kenny's homemade Christmas, we hand made the teacher's entire present this year right down to the Bazzill Basics Paper bow! Everything about this gift is now homemade with the exception of the two pieces of tissue paper. I think it's great and even though it's homemade, it's still a nice gift.

By the way, I used my new Copic markers on the tag and everyone is correct....I FREAKING LOVE THEM! Dad, please do not research how much I spent on each marker. Yes, I spent money that I should have been holding on to during a recession but I won't comment about your daily trips to Hardees and the auto parts store if you leave me alone about my Copics. =) I still love you for caring about me so much! <3 (That's a heart in teenager Facebook talk)

For all you amateur artists like myself, the Copics are well worth the price. I don't need a boyfriend when I have obsessions like these!

Only 8 days 'til Christmas--Get your festive on!

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